My Day In Irving TX

Vacationing in Irving, Texas was one of my greatest experiences. Though the weather wasn’t what I expected, I still manage to make the best of it. This city is truly an amazing city and there is much to see and do. There are so many diverse restaurants and shopping centers to visit, I couldn’t make up my mind where to go first. There are also a wide range of historic sites and landmarks to visit as well. Some of the sites and landmarks that my family and I visited were: Mustangs of Las Colinas, Mandalay Canal, Las Colinas Flower Clock and Cistercian Abbey. My favorite among these sites that I visited was the Mandalay Canal. There’s not much to do here but it is extremely peaceful and beautiful for a nice run.


In addition to the wide range of historic sites and landmarks, we were able to visit a fun petting farm for my children to enjoy. This petting farm was called Fritz Park Petting Farm and included a wide range of animals for everyone to see and pet. It was amazing to see my children interact with the animals. It was truly an experience that they will never forget. If you ever plan on visiting this city, you may want to take time to conduct some research online at the Chamber of Commerce.

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